What Is God Up To?

In light of the events of 2020 and the most recent events of 2021 many have drawn harsh conclusions about what God is up to.  Some made prophetic declarations about God’s plan for President Trump. Their declarations have proven false and fruitless.  Some have made connections between what has been happening and “end times” prophecies. Continue reading “What Is God Up To?”

On False Prophets

We are going to take a foray into the world of prophecy and dreams. Inspired partially by this meme. Let me be clear. I am not happy about these prophets being wrong. I did not want Joe Biden as president. But there is a greater problem within the church right now of willy nilly prophesyContinue reading “On False Prophets”

What Are You Standing On?

2020 was a strange year. 2021 is shaping up to be just as strange so far. Everything around us seems to shake and shift. There seems to be no firm foundation to stand on. Some stand on the foundation of political triumph and power. They hope in the power of the government or the willContinue reading “What Are You Standing On?”

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